Electric Vehicle Charge Management Project


EGS were invited to propose a solution to monitor the charge being taken by Electric Buses and the mileage travelled between charges to derive the Miles per kWh. Which is one of the criteria that the Government’s 'Green Bus Fund' requires to be reported.

There was a manual system in place which suffered from the usual errors inherent in the manual logging of data; staff forgetting to log data, data in the wrong row or column, illegible writing and transcription errors in subsequently logging the data for analysis. As a consequence of the errors, managers had to spend time cleansing the data in order to produce the reports required for government funding provision and therefore directly eroding the funding provision.dashboard


Using technology deployed in other data logging applications, for councils, airports, security and the armed forces, EGS, following discussions about the 'use model' proposed a distributed, scalable, future proof model. Which would deliver the original requirement of data capture but leave scope to enhance the management and reporting on the fleet through the implementation of either a local or Cloud based database and reporting module.


Each vehicle has its own transponder (inStation Mobile Data Link Module), which logs data related to the vehicle and identifies the charge point it is connected to. The inStation server communicates with the vehicle transponders and the power metering to capture mileage travelled and kWh taken on each charge. The data logger produces data files collating the data which is then available for further analysis and reporting. During the test phase of the system EGS identified vehicles that were taking excessive charge which was not obvious through any other means; demonstrating the value of monitoring the fleet beyond the funding requirements, to deliver real business benefit.transponder 175

Whilst the raw data solution addresses the data requirements of the original specification it still requires some management time to produce the reports. To facilitate a seamless minimal overhead solution EGS provide a Business Intelligence, Management and Reporting Module:


 Business Intelligence, Management and Reporting Module

  • Dashboard based user interface
  • Standard 'one click' reports
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Alarm condition exception reporting (for example excess charge) and audit trail
  • Vehicle Off Road Status and audit trail
  • Optional; site 'Live View' status display


In addition to the day to day reporting the system can be used in support of  the business case justification for CapEx. Using real data to demonstrate the requirement for additional vehicles or charge locations.

This was an example of using the technology in a mobile environment, however the same product range can support fixed device data logging for example to provide centralised meter reading across multiple meters on a site, or to centrally monitor equipment supporting delicate or security sensitive products.

 'You can't manage what you don't measure'.