inStation Data Loggers

The Tracking, Monitoring and Managing of fixed and mobile critical business assets is a perennial challenge for business and can be a labour intensive, costly process, fraught with transcription errors and resourcing issues.

Increased competition and achieving the demands of Service Level Agreements drives businesses to look for process efficiencies, ‘How to do more, with less’; how to automate manual processes, increase efficiencies, reduce theft, loss and errors whilst optimising uptime and the utilisation of assets. The harsh reality is;

'You can't manage what you don't measure'.


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Data Loggers

EGS is a leading provider of fixed and mobile Information Technology. Building on our experience and success providing Information solutions, we have made use of the latest micro computer technologies in the modules, offering future proofing capabilities to protect your investment.

Depending on the extent of the data to be managed we have used a number of data models.

One solution has offloaded data transfer from Cellular or even WiFi and utilised a local data logger to wirelessly connect, implementing a private network, to mobile devices as they arrive in the depots, uploading logged data and processing it prior to an end of day upload to the customers designated server.

Another solution with more complex data and for cross geography coverage; is to upload data into a hosted Cloud environment and populate a database providing an easily accessed dashboard of information and comprehensive reporting, in line with Business Intelligence models.

The Mobile Data Link module has its own storage for data, providing a backup of the data and allowing the capability of untethered use, where data is captured and stored until an upload location or time is reached. For applications that do not require ‘real time’ monitoring this method provides possible communications cost savings.transponder

Using the latest GPS technologies allows the system to track vehicle location, route and mileage, which allows for a Miles Per Gallon analysis. We can also offer the option of route ‘geo fencing’ which sees applications for vulnerable cargo or security conscious transport and can also be used for route profiling, factoring route topography into the MPG or MPkWh calculations.

inStation Data Logger Features

  • Cloud or local database
  • Web Server local/remote
  • Data Logging
  • Mobile GPS Tracking
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Local (Intranet) connectivity
  • Tag reader
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Digital I/O
  • Analogue Inputs