CEQM87B Broadwell EQ based COM Express Module

The CEQM87B Type 6 Compact COM Express module from Radisys features the quad core
performance of the 5th Generation Intel® Core™ processor (formerly codename
Broadwell). This 95mm x 95mm module is ideal for compute intensive applications
such as medical imaging, communications, military–aerospace and test and
measurement applications that require high levels of processing performance in
a small space.

The COM Express R2.1 compliant Type 6 pin-out enables customers to take advantage of
modern interface technology such as DisplayPort, PCI Express Gen2 & Gen3,
USB 3.0, and SATA 6G storage. Rich media content can be delivered via up to 3 independent
displays. The Intel CPU, built on 14nm 3D transistor technology, provides
breakthrough compute and graphics performance to keep up with the demanding
workloads of modern embedded systems. The Core i7-5700EQ and i7-5850EQ
processors offer substantially increased graphics performance while operating
in the same power envelope as previous generation of "EQ" microprocessors

The CEQM87 supports Intel vPro™ Technology, including Intel AMT for remote manageability,
VT for virtualization, and TXT for trusted boot, ensuring a solid platform for
securely managed systems.

The Radisys CE family of COM Express products enable customers to start designing at the
same time as processor release, saving months of development time and
resources. OEM focus can remain on core competencies such as software and
application development rather than high speed circuit design. Planned feature
changes, demand fluctuations and performance upgrades can be handled without
product re–designs using the CE family. CE modules can reduce service repair
inventories, and simplify upgrades, contributing to the success of the product
over its lifetime.

This module is sampling now and will be available in production quantities Q4’2015.
An extended temperature (-40°C - +85°C) version will be available Q2’2016.